Jul 14, 2009

Anniversary Dessert

This is kind of embarrassing, but I'm committed to sharing all of my food stuff. Above is husband's chocolate cake we picked up from Earth, Wind and Flour. Yes, we walked across the street after buying multiple treats from Whole Foods and got this chocolate cake because he knew he would like it.

He also had this mint ice cream sandwich thing which he said was "amazing".

I had a "lemon cloud" from the Whole Foods bakery; basically two chewy wafer cookies with whipped cream flavored with lemon. So good.

I also had this baby coconut cake, also from the Whole Foods bakery.

Now, this was another experiment in my new sugar eating way of life. You see, I've been scared to death of sugar and cakey, desserty things for many years. When I bought these treats last night, my heart was racing. A small part of my mind is convinced that if I eat this, I will become obese, I will lose my job, will have no will to do anything but binge on sheet cake in front of the TV.

What actually happened? I ate about half of both of these desserts, started to feel sick, told husband I was feeling sick but wanted to keep eating. About a minute later, I put it all away. Done. Not sick.

About an hour later, I thought about going back to the fridge and finishing the job. But I didn't, and the thought passed. This morning I threw them away.

The lesson? Totally fine to enjoy dessert on a special occasion. Probably would have been a better choice to buy just one of the desserts, which I could finish if I want without feeling "guilty".

I'm still scared that consuming this stuff has somehow magically changed my body, but I get that that thought is not helpful. Or rational.

I woke up. I did yoga. I ate normally. And tonight, I didn't even think about dessert. Groovy.


  1. Happy Anniversary , great cake!

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