Jun 23, 2009

Culinary School: Finals Week One

One week down, three to go. For the first week, we got ingredients and recipes. The main challenge was timing: we had to serve the soup course first, followed by the fish course 10 minutes later and the dessert course served 10 minutes after the fish. Whew! I don't think I breathed for 90 minutes. My heart rate is still elevated.

Chef Carol testing and grading us.

Pan fried sea bass with lime scented beurre blanc. My fish was one minute overcooked and my beurre blanc broke a tiny bit meaning the butter got too hot.

I ate the entire thing after Carol tasted it (no double dipping, obvi). It was delicious!

Corn veloute. Basically, it's a cream corn soup with tarragon. Carol said it needed salt, but the consistency was perfect.

I ate the entire thing.

Old fashioned bread pudding. Perfect score!!!

I ate 2 ramekins of this. Oink, right? I was so freaking hungry. I think I was so nervous that I burned 1000 calories putting this meal out.

How did I do? 95%! Very happy with that.

Next week: new 3 course menu, ingredients given but no recipe. Oh, mama.

Tuesday workout: 3 mile run with my friend, Rachel. We're going to make it a Tuesday ritual. Yay!

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