Jun 22, 2009

The Latest Green Monster Experiment

I've been hearing so many great things about Greek Yogurt, which I've had as Tzaziki sauce and that's about it, I thought the thick creaminess of it might be marvelous in a green monster. It was, although because it was plain, not vanilla, I added some vanilla stevia extract (about 5 drops) and one tiny squeeze of honey to make it perfect for my sweet palate. Here's the lowdown:

3/4 cup frozen cherries
3/4 cup frozen mango
1/4 frozen banana
3 cups spinach
1/2 cup Oikos Greek yogurt (plain)
1 Tablespoon vanilla rice protein powder
1 Tablespoon raw almond butter
vanilla stevia extract
honey (to taste)

Total calories: 450

Blend and enjoy!

Monday workout: Spin class (two weeks in a row-go girl)

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