May 22, 2009

Tuna Salad On Fitness Bread For Laid Off Husband

I'm gonna quit calling him "laid off" husband now. Probably not good juju to put out, right? We had another day home together, and it's still working. I type away in the living room while he shuffles between the bedroom and the office. He was working on his reel and I was working on a book proposal.

For lunch I toasted some fitness bread with a couple slices of tofu cheese and topped them with thinly sliced tomato, cucumber, spinach, avocado and tuna salad. To make the tuna tasty, I mix in mayo, mustard, light raspberry dressing, chopped onion and celery. I like to use light dressing or low fat yogurt to lighten up husband's tuna (he likes a LOT of mayo...ew), so I fake him out with other creamy things that are not as fatty. Hummus works beautifully as well.

After working on the proposal for 3 hours, I was ready for a break, but also wanted to do something active. So I organized the kitchen cupboards and now I'm very upset at myself for not taking before and after pictures. Bummer.

Friday workout: Squeeze Stronger dvd

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