May 18, 2009

Nawab Of India: I Don't Think I Like Indian Food

I have Indian food. I feel sick. I think it's because I'm eating cheap Indian food and I try again. This was a $70 take-out meal for husband and I. I felt sick.

What you see above is husband's plate: tandoori lamb chops, gobi saag (spinach and cauliflower), yellow Dal and a spicy condiment with carrots and jalapeno.

My spinach naan. I would have loved this but for the raw fennel seeds in every other bite. NOT my thing.

My yellow Dal. I thought the lentils were undercooked and the texture was mealy. The good part? No raw fennel seeds or anise. Double blech.

The weird condiment thing that would have been lovely minus the (say it with me) raw fennel seeds and anise.

My plate. The only dish you haven't seen before is vegetable curry. This was alright, and I could have happily scarfed that with some naan, if the naan had been seed free. I'm officially an ugly American.

I'm sure Nawab Of India has lovely food. You just have to like Indian food. Details details.

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