May 18, 2009

Husband's Sunday Omelet

I'm always trying to convince husband to eat brunch on Sundays because:
  • we always have eggs that need to be put to good use
  • it's a departure from the small assortment of meals I provide for him (you would think this mad food blog reader and culinary school student would be feeling experimental but she's not)
  • I'm always starving after my hardcore class on Sunday mornings and brunch means big meal before noon to my little head
To make a long story longer, when husband asked me if I would make him an omelet, I was happy to oblige. We had no animal protein to put in said omelet (last of the turkey sausage went into last week's pasta bake), so this omelet was filled with refried beans, tofu cheddar cheese, sauteed onion and tomato and topped with guacamole. I served it with some leftover polenta that I cubed and pan-fried.

We watched the Lakers beat the Rockets while we ate our brunch. I guess it's cool; they can win now so they can lose later to the Nuggets and/or the Cavaliers! Hate the Lakers; they're like the spoiled rich kids of the NBA in my honest opinion. And I'm nothing if not honest.

Sunday workout: Hardcore class with Eva Barrington at Gold's Gym, Venice CA

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