May 19, 2009

Culinary School: Red And Reddish Meats (Dry Heat)

Yummy week. It made me more than a little queasy to look at all that meat at 10:00am but by the time we were all plated and ready to serve at 1:30pm, I was good to go.

Above is Mattias and my Cured Pork Loin Roasted With Parsnips In Maple Vanilla Sauce. I am not being biased when I say this was by far my favorite dish. First of all, I prefer pork over beef, but the brine with vanilla that the pork was cured in and the vanilla sauce made it super special. The parsnips roasted in butter didn't hurt either. I cannot wait to make this again.

Sauteed Fillet Mignon With Balsamic Vinegar Pan Sauce. Yum. Perfectly cooked, super tender. Sauce was all about the balsamic and I'm all about anything involving balsamic.

Wiener Schnitzel. First time for this girl. Loved learning how to make spaetzle. The finished dish was fried goodness with carby goodness. Wanted more. Restrained myself.

Steak Diane (New York Strip with a shallot mustard sauce). Gorgeous. Perfectly cooked again.

Provencal Grilled Lamb Chops With Spinach, Tomatoes And Eggplant. They totally get the prettiest plate award and I could not stop eating the eggplant. Delicious eggplant is easy; cook in tons of good oil and finish with a good salt.

My apologies to Krista and Reyna for not photographing their Tri-Tip with Pinto Beans, Guacamole, Salsa AND Freshly Fried Tortilla Chips. It was amazing and because I had already begun eating, my intelligence was not present. I was busy chewing.

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