May 24, 2009

Making Peace With Food

I thought it would be fun for "vacation" dinner to go to Wholefoods and buy whatever we wanted for dinner (I usually go to Wholefoods and tell myself no over and over again because it's too expensive or too caloric or too sweet...). What sounded good to me? Various raw desserts, including raw ice cream (v. sexy). I am scared to death to eat this stuff for fear that I will:

  • stuff myself silly
  • get obsessed with one or more of the items and start compulsively consuming them, which will lead to copious weight gain
  • Blah, blah, blah
Here's the thing. I have lived with eating disordered label for more than half of my life. I am inspired by other women food bloggers who EAT what they want, with no apologies. These women are not eating carrot sticks and fat-free soup. They eat almond butter and chocolate and pizza and they enjoy wine and an occasional cocktail.

I will approach this crazy dinner as an intuitive eating experiment and my intention is to love myself no matter what. Life is too damn short to be afraid of food.

For anyone who wants to make peace with food, check these ladies out:

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