May 25, 2009

A Pretty Good Attempt At Inuitive Eating. I Think.

Here is my first serving of "dessert for dinner". I will name them and rate them moving clockwise, starting with the flax seed cracker:

Raw Flax Seed Crisps: Onion And Cumin Flavor. Don't know the brand name, but we picked them up at Wholefoods. They were fine. Better with hummus. Very subtle, but I guess they might squelch a chip craving if you were kinda desperate. Not rushing to eat these again.

Earth Cafe's Who's Your Daddy raw cake thing. It's nut based and was flavored with vanilla and cinnamon and dates. This was by far my favorite dish of the evening. It tasted like carrot cake mousse. Would totally eat that again, soon.

A sliver of Jay Robb's Jay Bar, Coconut Cashew. I'm sure if I hadn't been eating all this other luscious stuff, this would have been a bit sexy. As a comparison, however, it didn't stand up. It tasted like a vanilla Powerbar with rice crispies in it. I only ate two pieces and threw away the rest.

The homemade "raw" cookie I made. Yum. Rich. Not a big chocolate person, so one was plenty.

Nude Foods Strawberry Cheesecake. Didn't love it. Again, I'm sure if it was the only sweet thing I was eating there would have been no complaints. There was something that tasted artificial, which is hilarious because this could not have been more organic or simple: nuts, agave, strawberry. It was also very soft. I had my bite and did not go back.

Husband's actual dinner plate: lox, flax seed crackers, hummus and roasted pecans. He liked the lox a lot and was very proud of himself for thinking of the combination. He didn't touch his pecans.

My second dessert plate. I took more of the Who's Your Daddy cake. I had a hard time leaving half for husband, but I did it. It helped to know that ice cream was coming up.

I was most excited to try Tomberlies Pecan Praline raw vegan ice cream and it was the best of the three. Creamy and sweet. The Coconut Bliss Mint Galactica was good, too, but I wasn't super interested in mint, and the Freezees No-Butter Pecan tasted healthy. Like maple flavored sorbet. I had one bite of the mint, polished off the raw praline (with a little help from husband) and called it a night.

Overall, I think this was a successful intuitive eating experiment. I was not stuffed, I wasn't even full but was not hungry when I was done. It was oddly unsatisfying to eat dessert for dinner, even for a girl who never allows herself to eat dessert. I honestly feel more satiated after a burrito or roasted chicken meal. I guess that's why dessert is dessert; it's not supposed to fill you up! Who knew?

I did not count the calories I ate last night, so I have no idea if I'm "over" or "under" at this point. I guess it's none of my business. I am happy that as someone who labels herself a "sugar addict" that I could eat what I wanted of the sweet stuff (and it was all sweetened with agave, btw) and leave the rest and not have it calling to me the next day. Perhaps this proves that emotional eating is not about the food at all, it's about the emotions. If I'm comfortable feeling, the food isn't really an issue. Yes, we've all heard this a billion times AND we all need to experience it in order to believe. I may be on my way...

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  1. congrats on a dinner well eaten!

    i can't say i've ever had a full blown ed, but i've had moments of binging where i've gone through some serious emotional issues. i'm glad to see you are really tackling it, and with a sense of humour. (which always helps) :)

    one of my favourite kith quotes: face it, fight it, and win! (there is a cute little hand gesture that goes with it).