May 19, 2009

Little sister's Romantical Picnic

My baby sister is one of my favorite people on the planet and I am very happy at the moment because she is a bit smitten. She and her new friend decided to take advantage of a perfect Michigan May afternoon with a picnic. sister was in charge of the food; her friend was in charge of the location.

Here's the menu:

Spinach Tortilla Wrap mini sandwiches with Turkey, Hummus, Cilantro-Yogurt Spread, Cucumber Slices and Sprouts

Lightly-Salted, Baked Kettle Chips
Stuffed Green Olives

Fresh Strawberries

Orange Wedges

Mini Vanilla Bean Frosted Cupcakes

Orangina-lightly carbonated citrus beverage with orange, lemon and mandarin juices

Some quotes from sister:

"As you can see, we also had fresh flowers and rose petals decorating our basket. Brian noticed and was quite impressed by the flowers. He even took one off of the bunch and left it in his car before bringing the basket inside when he brought me home".

"The best line of the whole day was "You need a sexy, black, leather you can ride on the back of my motorcycle. I gotta get a motorcycle first though"".

All I have to say is that picture of the two of you is mighty reminiscent of a photo I took with husband, back when he was boyfriend. I think love may be in the Ann Arbor air.

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  1. I may be biased...but this is the most beautiful blog I have seen thus far. Thank you for the opportunity, love and attention! love, sister