May 21, 2009

Husband's Late Night Laid Off Snack Attack

On Tuesday afternoon I experienced a sizable aftershock from the Sunday quake. It was particularly disconcerting because I was alone (I'm used to husband laughing at my alarm when the quakes hit because he's California born and raised and is accustomed to the earth moving).

Three hours later husband came home and I then experienced a personal aftershock: husband was laid off. Effective immediately. That solid earth you think you're standing on, Mrs. Mandy? Yeah, not so much. It's really made of smoke and mirrors and fairy dust, so hang on.

Husband is just fine. Truth be told, he was not super happy where he was and has long talked about going back to freelancing (he's a graphics artist). I, of course, am scared about the lack of stability that comes with freelance, however in just a few days I've watched husband come back to life. He's been networking with clients and colleagues old and new and I see that he desires and needs variety, collaboration and challenge in order to be satisfied with his work life. Right on. I hope he keeps shining his light and that our savings doesn't run out first.

But I digress. My bad. Back to the food!

Husband's work friends wanted him to come out for drinks last night. He was drunk (my definition; which means he had two beers that made him VERY talkative, energetic and frisky) and hungry, so he made himself some rye crisps with raw almond butter and sliced banana. I think this could win as the healthiest drunk snack in the history of drunk snacks.

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