May 16, 2009

Wood Ranch: Yams And Portobellos Are Money

And we're back to the Wood Ranch Grill. We were going to do another Food Vs. Food but Austin's sunburn left him drained and achy, so we decided to chill in a booth and have some real food.

I freaking love this place, as you can tell. Good, consistent food and good, consistent service. The portobello mushroom on this salad is extraordinary: deeply marinated with balsamic vinegar with texture completely intact, it would make a phenomenal vegetarian sandwich.

Husband's blackened salmon, broccoli and baked potato. He had a garlic roll to sex up this very healthy lunch.

Austin's seared Ahi and mashed sweet potatoes. We ALWAYS order the mashed sweet potatoes.

Mine. Dessert. Always.

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