May 29, 2009

Earth, Wind And Flour...Cuz I'm Still Sick

Still sick and still not cooking, I wanted a big salad so we ordered from Earth, Wind and Flour. The food is okay, we order it because they deliver, and delivery that is not $9 extra in this town is hard to come by. Unless you want crappy Chinese or Thai, which we don't. Husband had his spicy sausage and peppers with a sourdough roll.

My chopped chicken Caesar salad that I dress with FF Balsamic and LF Ranch instead, both from Trader Joe's.

Husband made himself a banana cherry smoothie while we watched Cleveland FINALLY win a game. Then we watched my very very favorite So You Think You Can Dance? Then I slept for 11 hours and woke up feeling almost human.

Question of the day: to do yoga or not? Haven't worked out since Monday and feeling like, "damn, I'm gonna be on TV on Monday in a strapless wedding dress and don't want to feel flabby, but maybe I should continue resting so I'm not hacking on TV"...round and round she goes.

Thursday workout: hack, blow, repeat.

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