May 29, 2009

Cooking With My Stepson: A Preview

Austin is coming here tomorrow for a cook day (he's not really a gangsta, this is an old pic of him with his Halloween costume). I'm beyond excited. I'm so grateful that he's into cooking and it's something we can share. Bonding with an almost 14 year old is not always easy.

He has some computer software gadget thing that has recipes as well as step by step instructions, so I told Austin to find a couple recipes that appeal to him and I would shop and prep so when he arrives when can get started right away. Here are the recipes he picked:


1 large potato
12 oz. reblochon cheese
2/3 small onion
4 slices of bacon
2 tbsps butter
1/3 cup white wine
butter for greasing dish

Korean Potato Pancake

6 oz. of sliced pork
7 oz. garlic
2 eggs
2 cups flour
1 medium potato
1 1/3 chinese chicken stock
2 tbsps sesame oil
4 tbsps soy sauce
2 tbsps rice vinegar
4 tsps chili oil
2 tsps sesame oil
2 tsps sugar

Sounds like a balanced meal, yes? We will document the whole adventure and share with you, of course. I love my little (big) Austin.

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