May 28, 2009

Can't Sleep

Ugh. Still sick. I'm watching Make Me A Supermodel (Mountaha looks hot!) because I can't sleep (keep coughing).

Too out of it to take pictures of food, but I will tell you that I had two ritual meals EXCEPT instead of dried pineapple, I had a few Crystal Light popsicles (not very good) to soothe my throat.

Husband made his tuna/tomato/avocado/hummus/mustard mix on rye krisps for lunch and split pea soup for dinner with a banana/cherry smoothie for dessert. I wonder if he did the dishes? I'm not gonna look.

I am so grateful that I work from home. I'm able to earn while being a completely miserable mess with kleenex stuffed up my nose.

It is lovely having husband home. He's very supportive and attentive. He's been working on his website and his reel while I'm brainstorming about a possible book. Who are these people? I feel like we've both gotten off the hamster wheel and I just pray that there is enough food in our cage.

Wednesday workout: coughing and blowing nose

1 comment:

  1. Feel better! Glad you have your hubbby home to give you some tlc :) (And ain't nothin' wrong with a little Make Me a Supermodel)