Apr 29, 2009

What Was Your Craziest Binge?

I'm a recovering binge eater. I can look back on it now with lots of compassion for myself, and even a bit of humor. It was nothing short of hellish when I was in it.

One of my greatest hits was a quart of sugar-free butter pecan ice cream, dumped in a bowl and melted in the microwave until it was the consistency of a thick ice cream soup.

The chex mix would get crushed and poured over the ice cream soup, creating a salty sweet concoction. I know, it's beyond bizarre.

Another chex mix story: my aunt made a huge batch of "party mix" for Christmas, which is a tradition in our family. I ate all of the cereal out of it in one night. I will never forget my aunt asking where the party mix was, like 20 times, because all that was left was a huge Tupperware of mixed nuts, and I kept saying "I ate it, I ate all of it, it's gone" and she couldn't wrap her brain around it. The roof of my mouth was shredded for a couple days after that.

Another favorite binge was 5-6 bags of microwave popcorn. This one would take hours to consume. I was very busy.

Anyone out there have a crazy binge story they want to share? Bring it.


  1. haha... one time i made cherry cheesecake for a family thanksgiving. and there were so many other pies, no one ate any. i was like 13 and super dejected b/c it was the first time i 'contributed.' so i ate the pie myself. the whole thing.

    the funny part is that i hate cherries. and i hate cheesecake. so it wasn't comforting at all.

  2. That is hilarious! And sad. And sweet. Yes, family has a way of making my food extra crazy.