Apr 29, 2009

Culinary School: Shellfish

Sometimes I just need to laugh at myself. I'm allergic to shellfish (I think). I've had several experiences after eating shrimp or clams or calamari where I develop a low grade fever, have severe nausea and stomach cramps and I shake all over for about 8 hours.

The idea of going to school, cooking all this gorgeous shellfish and then watch everyone eat it was not exciting to me. I thought about skipping, but my conscience (who name is Evan) persuaded me to show up. And I did. Without my camera.

I took this crappy picture with my crappy phone and uploaded it which probably cost five dollars, which is why I'm not uploading the rest of the crappy pictures. Such a shame. The food was beautiful.

Those are the grilled shrimp marinated in lemon, rosemary and parsley with a mint pesto. I still think grilling shrimp is a surefire way of overcooking them and tasting only the grill, but folks said they were good. I will have to believe them...

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