Apr 1, 2009

Turkey Meatballs, Polenta And Strawberries

Polenta is the new pasta at our house these days.  Tonight I made them with water instead of milk, but still added tofu cream cheese and "white cheddar" tofu cheese to make 'em extra yum.  I plopped a big puddle of that down and topped it with turkey and spinach meatballs with marinara sauce stuffed with veggies.

Lovely organic strawberries for dessert.  I put just the tiniest bit of stevia on them to bring out their sweetness (not that they needed much help; I could smell these berries right when I walked inside Trader Joe's).

In other news, I just started therapy (I've done this drill before, but the last go around was probably 10 years ago).  My therapist is totally amazingly great.  He asked if I would bring in some pictures.  He had no idea what kind of can of worms he'd just opened.  

I came in with this handmade scrapbook of my life (and that was only one of many).  We were halfway through it and he was totally exhausted.  Kinda funny.  He said what he saw in the book was that I was very talented, and it kind of gave me pause.  It's interesting because I never think of myself in that way.  In my day to day life, I'm just a "wife" or a "writer" or a "masseuse" or an "assistant".  I never look at the big picture and think, wow, I've been successful at many different things.  So now I'm kind of intrigued by myself.  Maybe I'll get to know that chick...

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