Apr 4, 2009


Bed shopping on a Friday night.  We decided to make an evening of it and go to dinner beforehand.  I've been on a Mexican kick since our Don Antonio's experience last weekend, so I yelped and saw lots of positive reviews for Lula on Main Street in Santa Monica.

The vibe is beachy, which means dirty.  I've found lots of restaurants with close proximity to the water (not water views, mind you, we are two full blocks away from sand, much less water) don't feel the need to replace rickety furniture or fix leaky toilets, and are comfortable charging $12 for a flavorless calamari appetizer (see below).

The picture above is husband's flavorless chicken enchiladas.

The flavorless calamari with the ewww looking mayonnaise dip (I thought it looked exactly like Thousand Island dressing, but husband said it was a bit more complex than that).

Strange, vinegary salsa, which looked exactly like fat-free Wishbone Italian dressing (what is it with the bottled salad dressing look alikes?).  It tasted okay.

Mine:  the Ricardo sampler.  Overall, everything needed to be seasoned better, but I actually quite liked it.  It was comforting:  rice, black beans, chicken tamale, bean sope, cheese enchilada and a chile relleno filled with ground beef.  I would get this again if they were right around the corner.  But they're not.  So I won't.

Oh!  Husband's chardonnay was excellent.  It was Chalone from Monterey.  Delicious.

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