Mar 22, 2009

Top Chef West LA: Part II

Here are the chefs with our goodie bags.  I did not win.  Natalie, chef #1 with her "Eggplant Two Ways" won, and rightly so.  The mac and cheese was pretty money as well, in my opinion.  But I did not get to vote.

All the chefs received Celtic grey sea salt and an adorable bunny head shaped pepper mill from Sur La Table.  Very nice and VERY generous of Cori.  I have already put both to good use.

Sorry these pics are so out of order.  This was chef #3 (Jessica) seafood soup.  It was a mild, curry flavored soup with veggies and shrimp.  I did not try this one as I am allergic to shellfish, but I heard it was nice and that it could have benefited from a bit more salt.  I'm all about salt.

Here's my non-winning mushroom tapenade up close.

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