Mar 22, 2009

Top Chef: West LA Part I

Our lovely friend, Cori, had the genius idea to have a Top Chef party.  People could be "chefs" and prepare a dish centered around a specific ingredient and be judged by the party to determine who Top Chef West LA would be.  The grand prize was a $50 gift certificate to Sur La Table.  What you see above was chef #4 (Julianna-and I apologize if I'm butchering your name) 5 cheese mac and cheese alongside chef #2 (that would be me) mushroom tapenade.

The mac and cheese was awesome; the panko breadcrumbs made it for me as they were super crunchy and almost popped in your mouth.  Luscious.

My mushroom tapenade was no winner, and I knew it.  The tapenade itself had good flavor (holla if you want the recipe, happy to oblige), but the french bread was boring.  If I had drizzled it with olive oil, put some nice gruyere on said bread and put it in a hot oven for 5 minutes THEN put the tapenade on to serve, I would have been in the running.  Note to self:  TEST the recipe first, dungo.

Me, assembling my dish and trying to not expose my entire bra in the process.  That's no way to get votes.

Chef #1 (Natalie) eggplant done two ways:  veggie and meaty.  She did a great job and I thought it tasted like Thanksgiving stuffing.  Nummy, and I don't even like eggplant.

Chef #1 plating.  Everyone else drinking.

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