Mar 22, 2009

Souffle Virgin No More!

So exciting.  Making my first souffles at home (made two at culinary school).  I was impressed with myself for a number of reasons:

1. My willingness to consume butter, flour, milk, cheese and egg yolks in one meal
2. Measuring some ingredients (I'm a free-ball kind of cook)
3. Using my brute force to de-lump my bechamel sauce and to whip egg whites to a soft peak (no food processors here)

Here I am, so freaking happy as I pour the frothy mixture into oven safe bowls.

25 minutes at 375 degrees and voila!  Sooo pretty!  And tasty (except we were both sick for the rest of the day.  Not like, sick sick, just felt like, ew sick, and ugh, I never want to eat another souffle for like, 2 years sick).

I've decided I can take some of the techniques and apply them to other egg dishes, like a strata.  By simply separating the eggs I plan to use and whipping the whites before I fold them in to whatever the base of the dish is, it will add a lightness to the dish...this is what I'm guessing.  Must try soon!

This was a basic cheese souffle, by the way.  Hit me up for the recipe if you're curious...

Served with roasted asparagus which cooked on the bottom rack.  Little salt, garlic and lemon.  Addictive, like healthy fries or something.

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