Mar 25, 2009

Culinary School: Soup

This was my favorite; french onion soup.  Why was it my favorite?  Because there was cheese and bread involved.  Done. 

This was the soup my wonderful partner and I made; Italian vegetable soup with orzo.  We thought it needed a lot of salt.  When chef tasted it, she said it tasted salty.  Oops!  We thought it was good, and classmates agreed, although who knows if they were being honest or being nice.  

Our soup was my second favorite.  Because there was croutons and cheese involved.

Carrot fennel soup.  It was very fresh, good balance of carrot, fennel and orange flavors.  Perfect for Spring.

Black bean soup served with roasted tomatillo salsa, creme fraiche and cilantro.  Texture was great, but I thought it needed a lot of salt (detecting a theme here?  I know I am a total saltaholic).

Chicken consomme.  I know it looks really weird.  The process of making consomme (which is basically a crystal clear, deeply colored, intensely flavored broth) involves pouring cold stock over a mixture of egg whites, lean protein (pieces of chicken breast or lean beef...) and chopped carrots, celery and onion.  You simmer in a pot until the mixture cooks and creates a "raft" at the top (the "raft" removes all impurities from the broth while infusing flavor).  This is a consomme before the "raft" is removed.  No ingesting the raft.  Ew.

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