Feb 2, 2009

Food Styling 101

These are my pancakes.  They have paper towels holding them up, are completely covered in Pam so the syrup won't penetrate, oh and the syrup is not actual pancake syrup, it's Karo syrup (pours better).  The strawberries are real.

I spent the weekend learning how to style food for the camera.  To say we barely scratched the surface would be close to accurate.  SO much goes into this that I have never, ever considered.  It's incredible and makes me look at food in a whole new (and not very appetising) way.

I loved it and will be assisting Denise and Cindie on a couple of jobs this month.  Yippee!

This is my chicken salad.  The lettuce is being held in place by lard.  I also made little herbed goat cheese globs from lard and rosemary (YUM).  Ready for close-up.

Learning how to make a Norm's billboard worthy fried egg.  You separate the white from the yolk and barely cook them in a vat of lukewarm oil.  Hungry yet?

Cindie showing us some techniques.  This could be my future.


  1. Hi Mandy! It was so nice to meet you this weekend. I'm uploading my photos right now and will be sure to share them soon. Food styling really was so much more involved than I ever thought it would be. I look forward to checking out your blog. :) ~ Kim

  2. PS. I love the name, "Eat Repeat!"