Feb 2, 2009

Bandera Birthday Dinner

Another nummy meal at Bandera, this time for husband's birthday. I had the Macho Salad: greens, shredded savoy cabbage, baby tomatoes, roasted almonds, roasted shredded chicken, goat cheese, dates and cornbread croutons.

First of all, you could give me anything served with cornbread croutons and I'm cool. This salad was really pretty awesome, except that I'm not sure I love their salad dressing. This was their "house" vinaigrette and like their Caesar dressing, it's way mayonnaisey (and I loathe mayonnaise) yet tasty enough for me to happy devour despite this quality. Mysteries.

Husband's filet mignon with sauteed spinach and fries. Sorry the pic is blown out by my flash...too dark for good photos. The filet was divine.

Kathryn's chicken and rib plate with fries and cornbread. I ate her cornbread (big shock). I could bathe in their cornbread.

Brett's cheese enchiladas with rice and marinated veggies. Their enchiladas are killer, too. I didn't steal any of Brett's though. We're not that close (yet).

Dirk's salmon with rice and brussel sprouts. He said it was good. Looks kinda healthy to me.

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