Feb 3, 2009

Some Guest Blogger's Breakfasts

Funny. I got two separate emails from my friend, Cori, and my sister, Courtney, with pics of their breakfasts. Had to post!


"Eggs Benedict is my favorite breakfast food. The two elements that make the
dish are a perfectly poached egg and great hollandaise sauce. To Asia de
Cuba's credit both were perfect and I could not have been more satisfied.

Best meal of the weekend.

Also, the hash browns were fabulously crunchy. I was surrounded by plates of breakfast fajitas on either side of me who did not get potatoes and helped me finish mine. (or simply and graciously prevented me from eating all of them myself.)"

Generous girl, I would not have shared those potatoes with anyone.


"This is breakfast fajitas with scrambled eggs, fajita veggies, beans, I
think chicken and/or chorizo, guac and sour cream. Didn't eat it but 2
people ordered it and loved it. They finished their entire plate...nearly
licking it up."

Asia de Cuba
Scottsdale, Arizona

From my baby sister, Courtney. Brian must be the boy of the moment. Made breakfast. That's some points, right there.

"This is a fried egg, bagel, butter and three clementine wedges. Brian made it for me for breakfast on Sunday morning...thought it might go nice in the food blog.

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  1. Aww...what a cute caption you wrote there Sister. Thanks. I love you.