Jan 30, 2009

Birthday Boy Breakfast!

Husband turned 42. He got blueberry bread pudding and sausage for his birthday breakfast.

Here are 42 reasons why I love him:

1. He (sometimes) makes the bed
2. He likes to surprise me (and is eerily good at it)
3. He's only left the toilet seat up twice in 6 1/2 years
4. He's a computer genius
5. He snuggles me every night
6. He says I love you (a lot)
7. He makes up songs
8. He eats my experiments
9. He will do Dance Dance Revolution for exercise
10. He will do a workout video with me
11. He prefers a bath over a shower
12. He can solve the Rubiks Cube (3x3 AND 4x4)
13. He loves my family
14. His sister Angie and her family
15. His hair
16. His smile
17. His very kind eyes
18. His curiosity
19. His patience
20. His compassion
21. His sensitivity
22. His love of West Wing, Deadwood and The Wire
23. His shoes
24. His son, Austin
25. His ability to negotiate a great deal on a car
26. His ability with anything electrical
27. He kills bugs
28. His generosity
29. His therapist (who is sort of my therapist now, too)
30. His love of tater tots and Mexican food
31. He ice skates
32. He surfs
33. He rides his bike to work
34. He gets even more talkative when he has a couple cocktails
35. He laughs when I'm funny (which is a lot)
36. He plays well with others
37. He looks great in a suit
38. He travels well
39. He packs even better
40. His organizational skills
41. He concocted a surprise engagement party (and surprise engagement)
42. He married me

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  1. That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen!