Jan 6, 2009

Lunch and a fight

I ate this lunch at 3:30pm. I hadn't eaten since 6:00pm the day before. This could be one of the reasons I was so freaking cranky. Here's what else occurred to me (and most likely none of it is true):

My husband married the wrong girl. He wanted a career girl. He got home maker and a sort of writer girl. Poor husband.

I have SO many responsibilities: laundry, grocery shopping, toiletry shopping, home supply shopping, travel planning, bill paying, bed making, meal making, dish washing, exercising, grooming, writing, marketing, organizing and appointment making. Poor me.

My jobs are more stressful than husband's, but because he makes more money, his job is deemed more important.

Oh boy. This all is most likely hormonal, but it's interesting to observe how one day life feels perfect and the next day feels like I'm doomed to martyrdom and perpetually getting the short end of the stick.

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