Jan 4, 2009

Brunch at Northside Grill

Ok. Northside Grill is an Ann Arbor breakfast institution that I had never been to. Yes, I was raised here and yes, I don't get out a lot. My parents never liked it so I never made it there, until today. I went with husband, sister and Claire and I must say...I don't get it.

Husband thought his blueberry oat bran pancakes were super tasty (score). His eggs and andouille sausage were passable.

Claire and I split the "kitchen sink" hash browns mixed with egg whites, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes and a mix of cheddar and mozzarella cheeses. Meh. Whatever. The hash browns were undercooked and bland, the veggies were undercooked and bland, and the cheese was cheese. I resisted pouring on half a bottle of ketchup over the whole thing.
Sister's breakfast burrito. She said it was all good until she started crunching on eggshells. She told them after she ate what she could and they were very apologetic and said she should have sent it back.

Overall, this was a standard joint with standard fare. Why is this place exceptional to Ann Arborites? Enlighten this lady, please.

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