Jan 4, 2009

Zingerman's Deli

The family went to see Doubt and then planned to go to Zingerman's for an early dinner. The problem: short movie and too much popcorn. No one was hungry when we arrived, but that did not stop us. It did mean we all passed out for two hours when we got home and didn't eat again until 1pm the next day.

Mom's macaroni and cheese. Rich, baked so it's a bit chewy and there is a bit of spice...cayenne? Absolute heaven. I think mom actually consumed two bites. We all helped quite a bit.

Mom's Beef Mushroom Barley soup. With a heel of rye bread. And some potato salad. I did not taste but she says it was all good.

Sister's corned beef with grilled rye. And two pickles; one new, one old. Even the pickles are extraordinary.

Husband's roast beef on an onion roll with Vermont cheddar. He was sad he didn't get grilled bread, but it was his first time. Any newbie to Zing's deli menu gets overwhelmed.

This was mine: Rodgers Big Picnic. Roasted asparagus and portobello mushrooms with Vermont cheddar and Dijon vinaigrette on grilled Farmhouse bread. Gorgeous.

Next time, I want to try this sandwich:

#54 Wayne's Inheritance
Grilled Amish chicken breast, Vermont cheddar cheese, cucumbers & Zingerman's ranch dressing on grilled rye bread.

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  1. Don't forget to mention my FABULOUS Matzo Ball soup! And Dad's Pastrami Sandwich...both were wonderful :) -sister