Dec 21, 2008

Wine and Cheese Party

This was so much fun. My lovely Cori had a girly wine and food pairing party at her house. I must confess I am not a wine drinker. I like the taste for about 3 sips, and then I'm done. Until now. I had a moment with a mellow red and some Spanish cheese that simply changed my life. The wine was good, the cheese was good, but when they were put together in my mouth-hello, my name is flavor, what's yours? Completely smitten. It was like opening a present, over and over.

This is the only photo because, well, I also learned that the more wine you drink, the better it tastes. I commenced to talking louder and faster as the night progressed. And I felt VERY relaxed, even into the next day. I am the definition of a light weight.

Thanks, ladies! Merry Christmas

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