Dec 25, 2008

Feast at The Quarter Bistro

Husband and I flew in to Detroit at 1:30am. It was 1 degree outside. Merry Christmas! After a few hours sleep, the whole family went to the lawyer's office to discuss my parent's Will and trusts and so on. Merry Christmas! I am so relieved they are doing it now, when they are healthy and clear so as not to leave any crazy mess, but it was hard to acknowledge that "one day"...

We needed nourishment and relaxation, so dad's big heavy car crunched over many inches of snow to the Quarter Bistro It was great. Food was tasty and the place was empty (2:30pm lunch two days before Christmas-brilliant time to go out to eat).

Above is my soup: vegan Mediterranean chickpea. Super tasty. Had a Middle Eastern/Indian vibe with lots of capers.

Dad's fried oysters. Did not taste, but he and mom gobbled them right up.

Little sister's salad: greens, blue cheese, walnuts, grapes and cranberries. The flavors didn't quite work. I think the greens were too bitter and made the grapes taste too sweet. Husband ate most of it. Sister was not a fan.

Husband and I got our fry on with some calamari. Hot. Fresh. The breading had a kick. I would say this ranks pretty high up on our fried calamari list. Still can't beat Bodee's in Ojai.

The bread kicked ass. Would make an amazing pizza crust: chewy, soft in the center but with a substantial crust. Oily and seasoned well. I only had one by some miracle of God.

We had much more to eat that I neglected to photograph-lamb pita (mom and me), jambalaya (husband-he doesn't like rice but he liked the flavors), grilled turkey sandwich (sister, didn't like it, thought the turkey would be fresh, not deli, but she did like her fries).

Overall...we'll be back.

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