Dec 21, 2008

Early Christmas Dinner at Wood Ranch Grill

My BBQ chopped salad with grilled portobellos.  And yes, I had THE yam mash again.  So yum.  So buttery.  It's the kind of thing you can only eat out because if you ever made it at home you would actually know what goes into it and be way too horrified to consume it.  Well...I'll just speak for myself.

Austin's seared tuna steak and yam mash.  What a combo, right?  That's my stepson.  
Husband's prime rib and yam fries.  He said he likes my yam mash better than theirs.  Unbelievable, and not true, but very sweet.

A moment of parental bafflement.

The teenager.  He doesn't hug, he tackles, but it feels an awful lot like a hug.  I won't tell.

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