Dec 7, 2008

Earth, Wind and Flour

This is my Caesar salad. I ask for it chopped because I hate big pieces of lettuce that I can't fit into my mouth. I do not want to cut my lettuce.

This salad is simple but good. The cheese makes it. Instead of using their dressing, I combine Trader Joe's low fat Parmesan ranch and fat free balsamic dressing. Yummy.

I also had vegetarian lasagna, which was stupid. It was watery, stuffed with undercooked chunks of broccoli and cauliflower, and the sauce was too sweet. Waste of calories.

Husband's spicy sausage and peppers, no pasta. I throw in cooked veggies for added nutrition.


  1. i'll post my xmas veggie lasagna right after so you can have a good one!

  2. You are the sweetest thing! Can't wait!