Dec 8, 2008

Another lonely meal

Here's what I've had for the last 4 meals (note sometimes fruit bars are substituted for whole fruit): cucumber, broccoli, cheese, nuts and two fruit bars.

In my title I use the world lonely like I want you to feel sorry for me. Really, I prefer it.

I was watching an Iron Chef America: Battle Sugar with Cat Cora and Paula Deen pitted against Tyler Florence and that beefy Marine dude who got kicked off his show Dinner Impossible for lying about his background. Anyway, Tina Fey was one of the judges and she remarked that she consumes most of her food in secret. I TOTALLY get it.

I'm convinced anyone around me is obsessed with what, how, and in what rhythm and consistency I am consuming food. Naturally, this makes eating in front of others more than a little bit tortuous.

The truth is, I AM that person I fear so much: I do care and take complete stock in what others are eating. I don't judge, because anything weird you do with food, I can do (and have done) better.

So having this blog is completely indulgent and petrifying at the same time. As it should be.


  1. Hi Mrs. Mandy - thanks for visiting my blog! Gee, we are very different when it comes to food. Interesting! Gotta love food blogging and what you learn about others, right? Happy holidays to you and your husband.
    Lori Lynn

  2. Oooh, I know completely what you mean. I'm critical (though not judgmental) of other people, so it makes me think other people are just as critical of me.

    I prefer to eat by myself also, mainly because I feel like I am able to enjoy my food more. When I eat with other people I don't pay attention as much and all of a sudden its just gone.

  3. i'll notify you when i'm posting something you wouldn't approve of. :)

    do you ever get burnt out? just curious. i go through phases where i eat something non-stop for months, and then i just can't stand the thought of putting it in my body again. things on that list:
    vegan chik'n patties (now)
    ramen (i was in college)
    nutrigrain bars (high school)
    golden grahams (middle school)

  4. Thanks for all the feedback!

    In answer to Miss V, baby carrots. Can't do it. Ever. I have eaten my weight many times over. I can't do rice cakes very often either.xoxo