Dec 6, 2008

Boys writing night

Husband and Dirk had a dinner and writing session (notice the placemats?  Fancy.).  Because Husband was away all week I offered to cook for both of them (many an unused grocery).  Dirk got some gourmet hamburger helper:  caramelized onion, marinated ground beef, stewed tomatoes and broccoli tossed with Romano, cheddar and cream cheese and brown rice shell pasta.  Top with crushed Cheez Its and baked at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.  Also had a green salad.

I learned that Dirk does not like cucumber or onion.  He ate everything else up good.

Husband got a chicken salad salad:  greens, cucumber, tomato, corn chips, salted cashews, cubed tofu cheese and raisins tossed in a lemon chive dressing.  Don't worry, he has pasta bake in the freezer.  I just wanted to use up the chicken!

My dinner taken in the bedroom so the boys could focus:  cucumber, broccoli, cheese, nuts and a d'anjou pear.  Am trying to eat fruit that still has some water in it to keep me full.

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