Nov 6, 2008

Song in my newly conscious head

Most mornings I wake up with a completely random song in my head.  Sometimes it goes with the dream I was having.  Today the song was Eyes Without A Face by Billy Idol.  

I can't remember much of the dream except that I was going to a fancy movie theatre to see an extended version of The Titanic.  My grandma was there.  It was going to be five hours long and I was nervous about getting through the whole movie without getting a diet coke (I've been off all diet soda since August).  

Interpretations, anyone?


  1. i would like to ... interpret... every... inch... of billy's body. seriously, who put him in that thing?

  2. I know, right? What happened?! It's like a speedo had a Hell's Angels binge. Unfortunate.

  3. you are too funny. seriously... hell's angels binge. nice!