Nov 5, 2008

The Hungry Years by William Leith

I went to the library yesterday (I'm trying to work on having fun and I remembered this is something I used to do a lot. I like to browse and check books based their cover art). I got six books, five about food and one about depression. Yes, this is fun for me. I'm trying to stop judging my fun, or else I'll never have any.

So far the book is addictive and fast paced. It's refreshing and gripping to hear a man tell his struggles with food and body image.

One point he is currently driving home is that no one accepts fat, not even fat people. For instance, he covered a plus-sized clothing line's debut fashion show and he interviewed the two women who founded the clothing line. While they were both substantial in size, the models they used were barely larger than Kate Moss, and when they were questioned about this, they said they wanted to focus on the label rather than size.

They were also upset when the press coverage included footage of the largest women who attended the fashion show, as though somehow they would taint the label's image. Wow. I'll keep ya posted.

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