Oct 9, 2008

This is the best meal I've had in a long time! And I made it!

So...as you know I had the best yam mash dish I have ever, ever had at Woodranch Grill a few weeks ago. So good you have to slap your momma AND yourself, immediately.

Well...I made some yams tonight that were VERY fabulous while not breaking the calorie bank.

12 ounces baked yam, skins removed after baking
1 Tablespoon light cream cheese
1 Tablespoon light butter
Cinnamon and kosher salt to taste

Make it hot and whip it up!

Sooo yum and so rich I could barely finish them. But I did.

I also had green beans, a low carb blueberry bagel, toasted with light butter, and dried pineapple rings. Kinda sweet dinner, love love love it.

Evan and Dirk had a working dinner. They are writing brilliant screenplays. Dirk brought La Salsa and Ev got chicken enchiladas and leftover Earth, Wind and Flour spinach salad.

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  1. yam mash = good thanksgiving day recipe. thanks.