Oct 9, 2008

Earth, Wind and Flour

Oh my good gravyness. I am in writer mode, and am thus skipping meals. Not eating them (are you kidding me? I'm so not one of those alien folk who say things like "I forgot to eat". Never in my blessed life have I FORGOTTEN to eat). I have been skipping a few photos here and there. Not to worry, it's just broccoli, cucumber, string cheese and dried pineapple rings. You can find a photo easy.

This is last night's dinner. We ordered in from Earth, Wind and Flour which is a quick hop from us. The food is good and consistent and most importantly, we can order without drama or huge delivery fees, which is kinda hard to come by in Santa Monica (grrr).

Ev had a cheeseburger and waffle fries. I had their bbq chicken salad chopped with no avocado and a mix of the house vinaigrette and a fat-free balsamic I had at the house. I tried to give husband some salad, he was having none of it.

We watched Dancing With The Stars while we ate and decided we are both over Cloris.


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