Oct 15, 2008

Sick boy lunch II

Husband was home again today. He requested grilled cheese and tomato soup (of course-perfect sick food). Good thing he was too sick to realize it was 95 degrees outside, so not a grilled cheese and tomato soup day. Luckily my mama taught me how to "close" the house in the morning to keep it cool-and it works!

He also had cherry chocolate chip soy ice cream. Two bowls.

I went to an open casting call for The Next Food Network Star today. Just for fun. I met a really cool lady who gave me a lead on a good culinary school. I've been wanting to go to inspire my writing and deepen my food passion. It looks like I could be starting in February! And I will take you on all my adventures! Bliss.

My lunch: green beans, string cheese and dried pineapple rings.

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