Oct 24, 2008

The nuts are back

Yea, I'm convinced the bread is making me fat, so we're back on the nuts.  Now I just have to resist eating the entire tin in one sitting.  Issues.

Also had green beans, string cheese and dried pineapple rings.

I totally flaked and forgot to bring my camera to Beverly Hills Country Club where a longtime friend and client took me to lunch.  It was lovely.  There were three of us and we all had salads (cuz we're girls).  I had the "California Market" salad which contained the following:  romaine lettuce, arugula, chopped red pepper, chopped red onion, goat cheese, dried cherries, candied pecans, and roasted cashews in a walnut vinaigrette.  Yum.  Craveable for sure.  I want to know how to make a craveable salad at home.  Is the secret in the dressing?  Do you know?  Is it that trick of food always tasting better when you don't prepare it?  Mysterious.

Husband had a chicken burrito with a side of leftover chicken enchilada, refried black beans, veggies, blue corn chips and salsa.

We watched Fringe (more his choice) and Tim Gunn's Guide To Style (more for me, but he kinda likes it).  We got so inspired that we have decided to empty our closets, throw out what doesn't work, make a list of "essential" items and hit the outlet mall on the way to Palm Springs next month.  Exciting.  Praying I don't feel fat that day...

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