Oct 26, 2008

Husband tried the salad

First, here is my dinner: broccoli, cheese, nuts and pineapple. I am feeling MUCH better without the bread. After only one day, I feel much more energetic. I thought I was going through some weird sleeping in and not wanting to exercise phase, nope, just too many carbs. I'm wondering if there's something to the whole wheat is bad notion, too. I should ask my gluten-free friends about that.

I made husband the salad I had for lunch, except his had chicken, no nuts and I used a lemon chive dressing. I gave him a side of salt and pepper potato chips, thinking he might want to use them as the salty, crunchy element of the salad. He did, but said overall the salad was not singing for him either. Darn it!

Making a delicious salad is down right confounding. I know I know, get a real problem...

We watched The Happening. Horrible. Why is M. Night Shamalamalamama (that's how it always comes out of my mouth) still allowed to make movies? He must be stopped.

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