Oct 5, 2008

For lunch today we had...

Evan's three chip tuna salad.  He was off with his writing partner being brilliant, and I was home starving.  So I prepped his salad, whipped up the tuna and called him to say I was going to start eating without him.  When he came home, the assembly was up to him.  He decided it would be yum to add yam chips, salt and pepper chips AND blue corn chips to his tuna salad salad.  Duly noted.

I was SO excited to find my dried pineapple rings at Trader Joe's yesterday, I cannot even tell you.  They are one of my addictions and TJ's will have them one day, then they inexplicably disappear and no one has any idea when or if they will return.

I bought 10 bags.  No lie.  If you're ever wondering what to get me for a gift, now you know.  They are the only place I know of that has dried pineapple with no sugar added.  I should start a business...

I also added a few baby tomatoes to my cucumber, and had green beans instead of broccoli.  Anarchy.

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