Oct 5, 2008

For dinner we had...

Evan heard from a work friend that Trader Joe's mandarin orange chicken was good, so I bought some. I made a bit of rice, even though he doesn't like rice, it just seemed so strange not to serve rice with orange chicken. He didn't eat any of it, and now I have a bag of rice with no ideas as to how to use it. Maybe I'll look for a soy milk rice pudding recipe...that could be tasty for him.

He also had steamed green beans and a cinnamon fried banana.

I had cucumber, green beans, bread and cheese stuffing and dried pineapple rings. I want to eat a million more dried pineapple rings.

1 comment:

  1. i don't like white rice either. it tastes so... starchy. blech. but brown rice is the shizzle.

    i will be posting a recipe soon of brown rice, black-eyed peas, tomatoes and such in a veggie broth... sort of a wild rice mexi-soup. only brown rice, not wild. ;)

    i also have a really good (so i think) paella recipe with brown rice and lentils. recipe to be posted soon.

    good luck using it up!