Oct 12, 2008

Brunch post 5K at Mimi's Cafe

We ran a 5K this morning. It was an orchard run, which sounds picturesque, but it really wasn't. I was so scared of tripping over a rock or rolling my ankle in a ditch, I didn't have much fun. Plus, it's scary running in a pack of humans. A lot of panting.

But we did it, and Austin was a rockstar. Evan and I were merely his back-up singers. We celebrated with brunch at Mimi's cafe. We started with gigondo pumpkin muffins, which I did not partake of but did inhale deeply their aroma. They got a C+ from the boys. Austin's is the buttered one. Good boy.

I had an egg white omelet with broccoli (of course), ham and cheddar. Also had all of my potatoes, although they weren't particularly good. Felt deprived not eating the muffin. Also had one of Evan's sausages. Again, felt deprived.

Austin made his own omelet: bacon, ham, cheddar AND jack cheese, and avocado. Brilliant. He ate half and none of his potatoes. What a wonderfully perfect eater.

Evan had cinnamon raisin french toast, scrambled eggs and Cajun chicken sausage (I had one).

Can't say that I'd recommend Mimi's. The best part was the comfy red pleather booth. After a 5K, it was like heaven. And the omelet's were above average.


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