Aug 25, 2008

Dirk's birthday dinner and my birthday lunch

Another burger with veggies, tater tots and some little "healthy" brownie bites from Whole Foods. I swear, Whole Foods is like a money worm hole. I think I'm buying four things and the total is never less than $75. It's worse than Target. And then I opened the brownie bites and there were about 8 tiny brown morsels. For $5.

I also discovered my husband does not like raw peppers. Check.

I've been occasionally forgetful about taking photos of my meals. I remembered to photograph meaningless scenery at the restaurant where we enjoyed Dirk's entry into his forties. This is a pretty good Mexican restaurant at the end of Santa Monica pier. The views were lovely, the service well above average, and my chicken burrito was tasty. Sorry for the lack of evidence.
My birthday also happened. Dirk and I are birthday twins (month and day only). I am a hearty 32. Evan and I stopped at Cheesecake Factory for one of my top salads. Chinese chicken, no oranges, with their low cal dressing (so I can eat the entire thing, right?). Then we (finally) found a dining room table. This is no small victory.

The remnants of Evan's Ahi salad. He liked it very much.

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