Jul 14, 2008

Wedding Dinner

Ok. I was so impressed with the food at Calamigos Ranch! We were setting the bar very low because Calamigos does not do tastings. You get to fly blind. I had done copious Internet research and talked to several friends of friends who had been to events there and said the food was great, but was still skeptical.

It really was good! Or, at least the one bite of salad, asparagus and ravioli I had was very, very good. Yes, this bride and food obsessor was completely not hungry for her dinner. This will most likely never, ever happen again. My dear friend and bridesmaid, Claire, warned me of this and thus fed me some killer sweet potato souffle at 4pm for this very reason. Love you, Claire.

Prime rib. The portions were huge!

Goat cheese ravioli. Cooked well, great flavor.

The cake. Lemon and raspberry, with lots of Bavarian cream and butter cream. And a bit of cream cheese frosting for good measure. That was a bite to remember.

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