Jul 16, 2008

Literati with mom and dad

This was the day before The Day. I was beyond cranky, anxious, weepy, nervous and everything else you can conjure up. My parents were beyond sweet and let me indulge in several toddleresque meltdowns (the best being my screaming through the condo courtyard while slapping my skull for missing the Mexican catering truck's call...again). They took me to breakfast at Literati Cafe. The presentation and service was lovely. The food was- meh.

The ricotta in my omelet was strange. Absolutely devoid of flavor. The asparagus was cooked properly, though. And the fried potatoes dipped in ketchup were fried, so I ate them all.

Apple cobbler? Peach raspberry cobbler? I know my parents loved it. They deserved a sweet treat after me.

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