Jul 14, 2008

Downtown ring shopping and parents in LA

We ventured downtown to the jewelry district to find Evan's wedding band. One week before the wedding. It was hot and overwhelming. We were starving and a shopkeeper's little girl was eating the most delicious looking chicken, so we inquired. It came from this tiny Middle Eastern kitchen down the street, and when we arrived all the chickens were still roasting, so we had schwarma instead. Very good. My favorite part was the shredded cabbage salad, which was bright with lemon and parsley. Afterwards, our breath matched downtown perfectly. Hot and stinky. We ended up getting the ring in Westwood.

Turkey spinach meatloaf, with a side of brown rice pasta and veggies.

The Blake family has arrived for the wedding. We went to Earth, Wind and Flour, our latest haunt. The food is good, but not spectacular. I guess we keep going because it's close, and the portions are big.

The pizza is pretty damn good.

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